Monday, September 3, 2012

Navy As The New Neutral

Can you feel it? That extra little chill in the air, your desire to drink all things pumpkin flavored, and the need to go through all of your sweaters to make sure they haven't been home to an eclipse of moth this summer? Fall is here, my friends. And it's going to be good.

Sure it will be warm for another few weeks, but I think it's safe to say that the heat index will not be above 90 for the rest of the year. If it is, then I'm probably just going to wear a sweater anyway because I've had enough! I am not a fan of the heat so I was in a weather-induced state of misery for most of this summer. I've been going through the same rota of dresses and skirts for months now and I am so ready to wear fall clothes. I have yet to obtain most of my fall wardrobe yet, but that's another story for another day.

Each new fashion season usually has a new neutral shade. We went through a gray period for a while and nudes and camels had their moment in the sun. Now, it's navy's time to shine and those old navy rules are going right out the window. No navy with black? Not anymore. Here's how navy was shown on the fall 2012 runway:

Left, Preen; right DKNY Images via
Left, Marc by Marc Jacobs; Right, Carolina Herrera Images via
Chic, right? Previously, navy blue has skewed a tad on the cheesy side. I can remember countless teachers in the 80s and 90s wearing navy blue slacks with matching hideous heels and it makes me cringe. I'm happy to report that navy has come a long way, as evidenced by the looks above.

A quick stroll through Pinterest furthers my case and gives great inspiration.

The lovely Hanneli Mustaparta
Mila Kunis. Unknown source
Tory Burch Judi dress. I want to own this.
Are you sold yet? If not, then hopefully my closing argument will sway you. Here is the simplest of navy basics - a silk blouse - and here are two ways I will be styling it for fall.

Neutral Navy

Equipment long sleeve shirt, $365 / Glamorous striped jacket, $79 / White jacket / J.Crew cord pants / Donna Karan black knee length skirt / Gucci platform pumps / Betsey Johnson betsey-johnson shoes / Marc by Marc Jacobs crossbody handbag / Planet satchel bag, $285 / Michael Kors silver jewelry / Blu Bijoux crystal necklace / Meadowlark anchor jewelry, $220 / Slim belt / Wayfarer style sunglasses

Unless you've been living under a fashion rock (sorry), then you'll know that the other hot color for fall is burgundy. Or, oxblood if you're fancy. It just so happens that these two colors pair phenomenally well together. A navy blouse with burgundy trousers (in this case cords), with flats and a striped jacket can be for work or casual. For a more formal look wear it with a black pencil skirt (or any skirt cut of your choosing), a bib necklace, and heels of your choice. For this fantasy I've chosen a burgundy suede pair of Gucci t-strap platforms, as you do.

Are you sold yet? I hope so. Navy: not just for tragic 80s teacher types anymore. Do you think you'll get on board with this trend? Can't wait for fall? I hope you're at least excited for pumpkin beer!

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