Friday, August 31, 2012

Fig, Prosciutto, & Manchego Sandwich

Or, the night I made a sandwich for dinner. There is no usual Hot Looks post today because I just plain haven't had time to research one! My busy week started last Friday when I entertained (to put it loosely) some family members who were in town and continued into a going away party, brunch, shopping, work (both actual work and my other blogging endeavor), work outs, and I even managed to squeeze in a date. Just when I thought I would have some down time my allergies attacked. Is anyone else being tortured by ragweed right now? It gets worse and worse for me every year!

Anyway, I was totally out of things to eat for dinner last night. I have my sense of taste back after being without it all of yesterday morning and afternoon. Isn't that the WORST thing about being congested? I racked my brain for about 15 seconds as I was about to leave work last night for something to cook and it finally landed on: F it; I'm making a sandwich. Joey Tribbiani might be my spirit animal because I think sandwiches are awesome. I honestly try not to eat them very often (coughcarbscough), but sometimes they are very necessary. And this was one of those times.

Before I left work I remembered that I saw figs at Trader Joe's last weekend and rejoiced that they are in season. Are figs not the prettiest fruit ever? One of my favorite sandwiches happens to include figs, so a plan was hatched.

You will need:

Bread (any kind)
Dijon mustard
Manchego cheese
Fig jam or butter

I got a fresh, chewy loaf of Italian bread from TJ's, which I knew would be perfect and comforting. There's just something about the smell of bread!

Slather the mustard on one slice of bread. I like a lot of Dijon mustard, but add any amount you want or just leave it off. By a lot I mean I like it when it makes my nose burn. Weirdo.

Next, layer on the arugula. You can use any lettuce or green you want, but the peppery arugula goes perfectly with everything else.

The prosciutto goes next. Mmmm fat marbling.

And then the manchego. Have you ever had manchego? It's a Spanish sheep's milk cheese that is kind of like parmigiano-reggiano, but creamier and lighter tasting. It's delicious. I probably ate more than those two pieces. In fact, that's probably why that photo is blurry. I was in a temporary cheese coma.

Next, the gorgeous figs. I used two whole figs and cut them into four pieces each.

Lastly, the fig jam goes on the other slice of bread. I used Trader Joe's fig butter, which I love, but I've also made this sandwich with Stonewall Kitchen's fig and raisin chutney, which is spicy and tangy and just as good.

And there, my friends, is my favorite sandwich. It tangy, spicy, sweet, smokey, and gooey. Everything one should look for in a sandwich soul mate. Another variation of this sandwich subtracts the mustard and manchego and adds a blue cheese spread. Figs and blue cheese go together like vodka and lemon soda water (just me?). I make my own blue cheese spread by combining Greek yogurt and blue cheese crumbles with a bit of pepper and whizzing it up in the food processor. It's much healthier and yummier than a store bought spread or dressing :)

My sandwich friend definitely provided some much needed comfort and the mustard helped clear my sinuses for about 10 minutes. Benefits all around! Are you a sandwich person? What's your favorite?

I hope everyone has a lovely long weekend! It's the end of an era in my house because my wonderful roommate is moving down to DC on Saturday and my new roommate is moving in the same day. Tomorrow morning will be spent putting furniture together and trying to avoid disasters and things breaking/falling down the stairs.

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  1. Ok, I'm glad you told me about the date before I read about it here or else I would have had a mad. I have a question - why did you not grill this sandwich? It looks like it would be even better with melty cheese goodness. There is a restaurant in the 90's called Earl's Beer and Cheese, which specializes in grilled cheese (and I think fried pickles). I think that may be our post-marathon spot this year... nom nom nom