Wednesday, August 15, 2012

An Ode To Chambray

I've mentioned it before, but chambray deserves its own post. I don't know if there are words adequate enough for me to describe just how spectacular I think chambray is. A button down chambray shirt will change your wardrobe. It goes with everything. This is a fact. Don't question it.

Chambray is a light weight woven cotton that often resembles denim. Jeans are the most versatile thing you can wear on your bottom half so taking that and turning it into tops, dresses, etc. is a stroke of genius, yes? Yes! Some exhibits for your viewing pleasure:


See? Chambray even makes a Canadian tuxedo (denim on denim) look okay. If you would have told me two years ago that denim on denim would be okay again I would have called you insane. That's the beauty of fashion - it's cyclical and just when you think you'll never EVER see a trend again there it is staring at you from a Barneys window.

Price points for chambray tops range from totally affordable to kind of ridiculous. Obviously you'll be getting higher quality with a more expensive shirt, but it's really not necessary to spend half a paycheck on one. I put a range of prices in this little shopping slideshow - from Marc Jacobs to Old Navy. You can't go wrong with any shade either. Light, dark, faded, patchwork (but not too Raggedy Ann) - it all works.

A chambray shirt is always my first answer when someone asks me how they can refresh their wardrobe and hopefully now you understand why! Below is exactly how I wear my chambray. No, I don't own these exact items, but close enough. The perfect leopard print pencil skirt still alludes me, however. I hope to find it before I'm 40.

Chambray Love

J.Crew cotton shirt, $125 / J.Crew leopard print pencil skirt, $165 / 7 For All Mankind zipper jeans / ASOS shoes / Dolce Vita nude sandals / Tory Burch mini handbag / MICHAEL Michael Kors michael kors jewelry / J.Crew woven jewelry / Kate Spade hardware jewelry / Wet Seal summer fedora

This concludes my love letter to chambray. If you're not an appreciator, then I hope I've converted you or at least convinced you to try one on. I'd love to hear what you wear chambray with or plan to wear it with once you've made your purchase. And, yes, I am a full-time shopping enabler. If you need to decide between paying your electric bill or buying some shoes, I will tell you to buy the shoes every time.

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  1. My problem is, I have the perfect denim shirt, but it's a bit heavy....I am suffering through this summer wearing it, but could be time to lighten up a bit.