Friday, January 4, 2013

How To Winterize Your New Spring Clothes

I know it's only January 4th, but have you been in a clothing store recently? The powers that be REALLY want us to buy spring and resort clothes. On New Year's Day I made a detour after brunch into the Gap around the corner from me and the entire store is loaded with brightly-colored pieces that make me think of birds chirping and flowers growing. As I sat on my cozy Boston couch last night writing this, however, it was 19 F degrees outside. That's F for Fahrenheit not the F word. Even though they both apply. That. Is. Cold. And we still have a few more months of frigid temps to endure. So forgive me, retailers, if I'm not in the mood for a floral print sun dress just quite yet.

But when you want new clothes and you're sick of seeing the same sweaters on the sale rack, what is there to do? Winterize! I'm going to use some items from Gap as examples here because they're affordable and reflective of trends in most high street stores. Behold:

Gap printed flare dress

Gap black-placket top

Gap ultra skinny printed pants

With so many nice offerings for the upcoming season it can be really hard not to jump the gun and bust out something that's not seasonally appropriate. In fact, it's one of my fashion pet peeves when women wear things that don't make sense with the weather. Like the girl on my T the other morning wearing cropped trousers and flats while it was 15 degrees with a 9 degree wind chill. Why?! Frostbite is not worth it. Even for the really cute outfits. However, if you're like me, you're buying this stuff now. I have no restraint. So let's figure out how to winterize them.

Gap Flare Dress

I love pink and gray together and I think the fair isle tights are a fun winter addition to this dress. The rest is just about layers. A denim shirt tied over the top of the dress, some woolly accessories, a biker jacket, and some great boots make this completely winter appropriate. I also like that the jacket and boots help downplay the cutesiness (new word) of the dress and tights.

Gap Back-Placket Tee

I'm treating this little printed t-shirt like a vest. I'd layer it over a crisp white button down shirt and tuck them into a black pencil skirt. A white button down and a black skirt (any cut) are two staples that should be in your closet already. Black tights and boots are a must and I kept the black and white theme (Which is a big Spring 2013 trend!) with this fun coat. A special punch of red with the bag and a complementary printed scarf make this a really chic work outfit!

Gap Ultra Skinny Pants

Such bright pants need to be paired with neutrals for winter. A chunky knit cardigan and a knit t-shirt will keep you warm up top and knee high boots will make you forget you're wearing cropped trousers. I love the idea of bringing in the bright pink with a scarf and a hat.

If you're staring out a window and looking at snow right now or employing a space heater because your office is like working in the Arctic, I hope these ideas will make you a little bit more excited about getting dressed for the next few months. If you're in a warm climate where your eyeballs and lip gloss don't freeze when you go outside, then ignore this and go frolic in the sunshine. 

Share your thoughts on winterizing with me in the comments. Or if you'd just like to rant about how much you hate winter feel free to do that as well. I won't judge!


  1. I really like the second and third ideas a lot. Obviously I would have never thought to do any of that stuff but now I can see how it works. it's too bad you can't dress me on a regular basis (that would also require $$ for new clothes that I don't have, but whatever). I don't really hate winter that much, yet. still better than really gross summer.

    1. I can still help you! I should have gone through your closet when I was there.