Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Life Happenings

From last weekend - clockwise from top left: The most RIDIC BLT from Happy's with pork belly and fried green tomatoes; the Dale Chihuly at the MFA; one of many amazing sunsets Boston has been having lately; and iconic photo of Kate Moss from the MFA's Mario Testino exhibit
The lovely Julie from Orchid Grey does posts like this from time to time and they're always fun to read. So I will try my hand at one and maybe make it a regular. I'm still trying to figure out this little blog here! BTW, Julie has THE BEST modern 70s style so do yourself a favor and look at her blog if you're into that sort of thing.


Thanksgiving! It's the obvious answer since it's only two days away, but I really am excited about it. I've been going to NYC to spend it with my sister for five or six years now and aside from the bus ride down there, I love it. We always go to the Macy's parade, get bagels, watch the dog show (my personal favorite), cook, eat, watch Christmas movies, and enjoy New York. 


Are You Kidding Me? A Journal of First Dates, Flings, and Finding Love by Elizabeth Glasband. Don't read this book. I hate it and am only finishing it because I paid money for it and am hoping the author gets punched in the face at the end (not by a man, obv, but if a girl hauled off and did it I wouldn't care in the least). Harsh, I know. It's a real life "dating journal" written by a girl my age living in Boston that is meant to be outrageous and hilarious. It is neither of those things. I thought it would be fun and relatable and I was excited that it was set in Boston. However, the author is so shallow, selfish, and obnoxious that I've just ended up hating her and everything she does. Next up will be Joan Rivers' I Hate Everyone...Starting With Me. Joan makes me laugh so incredibly hard on Fashion Police every week so I think I'll have a better experience with this one!  

Relieved About... 

Some work/money issues that I won't go in to too much detail about. Let's just say that I'm meeting deadlines well and I'll probably get to take a vacation with some extra cash next year! San Francisco I'm thinking!


I may not be proud of this, but my new reality TV obsession is Made In Chelsea. It's pretty much a British version of The Hills (which I still love) with impossibly rich 20-somethings that have names like Binky, Cheska, Hugo, and Caggie. It's hard to believe that they are real people, but they most certainly are and it is ridiculously fun to watch.

Working on...

Nothing physical, but I have made a conscious effort to go out and be social more. I can get in homebody ruts very easily, which is the antithesis of my Gemini personality so go figure! I had a great last weekend which included a shopping party at Kate Spade and pizza with friends, my first trip to the newly renovated OAK Long Bar + Kitchen in the Fairmont Copley (HIGHLY recommend - especially the watermelon margarita), and a delicious brunch at Happy's and a trip to the MFA to see the Mario Testino exhibit (above in pics). All was very fun!


Thanksgiving carrot cake dessert. All day, every day. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


  1. Replies
    1. Really good!! It's a must see. There are four huge rooms and around 100 photos.. all awesome.

  2. Yay Vacation! I LOVE San Fran - when you go, I have some great restaurant / bar recommendations. Like Bourbon and Branch!!!

    1. I will let you know! I've never been, but have wanted to go forever.

  3. Oh my goodness! An American who knows about Made In Chelsea! :D Isn't it just the BEST!?


    1. YES! It just started airing here. I still can't believe they're real.