Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Style Conundrum: J.Crew's Sequined Chevron Dress

Say hello to my new dress. You may recognize it from such stores as J.Crew. I've been stalking it since it was introduced late summer/early fall and waited patiently for the price to fall to something reasonable. I finally pulled the trigger last weekend thanks to J.Crew's extra 30% off sale promotion and it's been hanging on the back of my bedroom door ever since. I like to think of it as art.

Obviously it's a perfect special occasion dress for the quickly approaching holiday season and I will wear it for holiday parties and NYE, but I really want to be able to wear it casually as well. What's the point of buying such a lovely dress only to wear it a handful of times? Herein lies the problem - I have no idea how to style this casually! Furthermore, is it even appropriate to wear to the office?! I don't think I've ever worn anything with sequins nor can I think of anyone else in my office who has. The dress code at my office is business casual, but that basically means wear anything but jeans. Some women wear leggings and zip up hoodies. At a law firm. For real. I know.

When one is faced with a style conundrum, one should take to the Google to see what the blogosphere has to say about it. Unfortunately, the blogosphere has very little to say about it! The only way I could find this dress styled semi-casually was on Kelley of Low Maintenance Divas:

I think this is ADORABLE. However, I have neither a polka dot blouse nor silver metallic flats. That doesn't mean I couldn't do something similar though. I love the idea of putting a button down under this and I think chambray (obviously) would be perfect.

I also love how Rosalyn of Just2Fancy paired it with hot pink heels. The hot pink is a nice punch for a relatively neutral color palette.

That's about all she wrote on this one though! This dress seems like a style blogger magnet so I'm kind of surprised. Please tell me, friends and stylish people of the Interweb, how I should do this. First, is it okay for the office?; and second, what the heck should I wear it with?

Many thanks, sincerely! 


    B) To wear it to the office, I'd probably toss a button down OVER it (perhaps chambray?!) and where it as a skirt. And maybe toss a belt over the button down to cover some of the sequins. You'd probably be okay leaving the shirt partially UN-buttoned and have some sparkles pop through the top.

    C) Do you have black riding boots? Could be another way to make it more casual. Roll the sleeves up a bit, toss on some black (or fun colored tights depending on where you're going).

    D) A cute blazer would also look great over that. Maybe black or gray with a fun colored ballet flat?

    Hope that helps! If I think of anything else I'll let you know :)


  2. I have the same dress, slightly different, just stripes from J Crew Collection over the summer. I paired it with a low key camo jacket from Zara and some velvet flats.

    I would also do it with a jean jacket or denim shirt on top.......and know that I am thinking, a belted sweater on top would be nice as well.! Maybe even a turtleneck sweater if you want to work it like a skirt only. I am all over sequins in the day!

  3. Love! Agree with Chels on how to style!

  4. I would do tights and boots. For day, add a cardigan or blazer if needed. Love the dress!

  5. I'd love it with a jean jacket! Or even a black motorcycle jacket and some tough girl boots. I think a cute checked blouse tied in front or belted over would look cute, too!

  6. Pretty dress!

    xo Jennifer