Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Zara Home Has Arrived

I think it's safe to say that Zara is a go-to for (mostly) affordable trendy clothes and accessories, yes? It was a happy day on Newbury Street when the European mainstay finally made its way there a few years ago. I was totally unaware that Zara made housewares until it was announced a few weeks ago that Zara Home would be available to purchase online in the U.S. for the first time this week. Zara Home! Since I'm ballin' on a budget and will be for the foreseeable future, another option for affordable, stylish housewares is very exciting. It looks like their price point falls somewhere close the West Elm end of the price spectrum. Not quite as affordable as Ikea, but definitely doable. Here are some of my favorite pieces:

Onokuni acryllic nesting tables - $189
Paisley pillow - ~$40
Everton pillow - ~$67
Yeti throw - $189
Marta rug - $189
Blanchard jar - $25.90
Mirium apron - $35.90 (can I just wear this as a skirt?)
Adder dish towels - $9.90
Lennon tray - $59.90
Alhambra pitcher - $16.90
Montse cake stand - $79.90 (I NEED this.)
Venice mirror - $79.90
Harvey vase - $59.90
Belen bookends - $35.90 (Although their trunks should be up since elephants with their trunks up are good luck!)
Consider this is a registry, if you will. Remember the Sex and The City episode when Carrie registers at Manolo Blahnik because she figures she's bought enough wedding/shower/baby gifts over the years that she's entitled to something too? Well, I'm not nearly that audacious and that's one of the reasons why Carrie is so obnoxious (She did have the original Manolos stolen from Tatum O'Neal's house, but still!), but there's nothing wrong with giving your friends and family a little nudge in the gift giving department, right?

My selfishness aside, Zara Home is pretty great and there's a TON more good stuff to check out! To celebrate their introduction to North American online shores, you can get free shipping for the entire month of October. I'm going for the cake stand first. How about you?

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