Thursday, July 19, 2012

Obsession: BaubleBar & How To Style A Big Ol' Necklace

My fashion obsessions are many. Some are fleeting and some stick around for a long time. BaubleBar will be one that stick around as long as it stays in existence.

I've never considered myself to be much of a jewelry person. I usually wear earrings and a couple of little gold rings. I've recently gotten into bracelets, thanks in large part to The Man Repeller and her advent of the arm party, but that's it. I certainly don't own anything that could be considered "fine." Most of my costume jewelry comes from H&M, Forever 21, or the occasional on-sale piece from Anthropologie. They're inexpensive, break sometimes, and turn parts of me green. Enter BaubleBar.

I believe I was first turned on to BaubleBar while admiring Blair Eadie's (Atlantic-Pacific a/k/a the mother of all personal style blogs) monogram necklace. I immediately snapped one up for myself (above right) and got an adorable little I.D. bracelet in my favorite color (green) as well

What makes BaubleBar so fantastic is that they sell their jewelry at wholesale prices, which means there's no retail mark up. I've seen some of the exact same pieces at stores (one of which may or may not have been mentioned previously) selling for between two and three times the price at which BaubleBar offers. This is a major score as far as I'm concerned!

Other perks of BaubleBar include $10 off your first order, the ability to gain "vault points" which works out to $1 in credit for every $10 spent, and the super fun Buried Bauble feature every Friday. BB sends out an e-mail with a clue and if you can find the piece they're talking about, then it's yours for just $10. Oh and they have free shipping and returns! Now, let's talk about the goods.

The statement necklace has become my most favorite piece of jewelry to wear because it's so much fun to style. Statement necklaces are typically big, bold pieces that are the focal point of an outfit. Above are some of my favorites that BaubleBar offers - (L-R) the Fruitbowl Fringe (HELLO this is mine as soon as my furniture budget allows it), the Maritime, and the Clash Chain Links - and all are under $60.

The easiest way to style necklaces like this is with a plain t-shirt or blouse and jeans or trousers for work. But what fun would that be?! I love giving statement necklaces an equally bold canvas so they really standout. Just because the necklace screams "Look at me!!", doesn't mean the rest of the outfit has to be a snooze!

I chose BB's Tribal Coral Bib to style as an example. Coral, and every other shade of orange, is big right now so matching it is not a problem. A black and white striped dress makes a perfect backing for this necklace. Horizontal stripes are one of the most versatile patterns out there and no, they will not make you look wider. That is a myth. Really.

I also love this necklace against a floral top with the same basic colors. I made that a very "mix-n-match" board because everything is interchangeable. And yes, duh, shorts can't be worn with a dress, but if that dress were to magically become a t-shirt then it would be a fab outfit. Imagination, my friends!

Do check out BaubleBar because I think you'll like it as much as I do! Use my invitation code - 3551933 - because I'll get points and I may even let you borrow some of my purchases.

I'd love to know how you style your favorite statement necklaces or any of your other favorite jewelry!

No, this is not a sponsored post. I just really love BaubleBar!


  1. I don't think I ever knew what BaubeBar was! Too bad I can't buy anything because I'm poor. And you know that I don't have any statement necklaces... I'm convinced they are not my thing. I really do love my small and delicate adina reyter necklace though - it's my favuurrrite.

    1. No, I don't think they're your thing either. Your tiny necklaces are cute.

  2. I'm also obsessed with baubebar! I found them a few months ago they just all of a sudden popped up. If i wasn't on a budget I would be buying everything on that site so many awesome things and great prices!