Thursday, March 21, 2013

DIY Scarf Storage

I don't even really want to call this a DIY because it's the easiest thing in the world and requires little effort, but what the heck?

Is there something that you buy in excess? Not clothes, necessarily, but something you just can't resist and already own a million of? Like Greg Kinnear buying three of the same typewriter in You've Got Mail. Since clothes are my thing, my obsessive purchases usually revolve around them. I went through a purse phase where I bought every handbag known to man until I smartened up and bought a few designer bags that will last for a good part of my lifetime and are worth every penny. I have a thing for jackets as well, but that seems to have cooled off. I swear that's not a weather joke. Scarves, however, are still my thing. I think most of my friends can probably count on two hands the number of times I've muttered "I need another scarf like I need a hole in the head" before purchasing another scarf. I just love them. They're functional, they come in SO MANY different varieties and they always add something to an outfit.

At first I just kept them in a plastic bin in my bedroom, but they soon outgrew that since the bin is also my go-to storage for hats, gloves, and belts. I would then just fold the overflow and keep them on top of said bin. This could turn quite messy as I often had to dig through a pile to find what I was looking for. It became a ritual to tidy the scarf pile every time I cleaned my room. It was like a I had a living, breathing scarf monster at the end of my bed that I needed to pay attention to in order to make it happy. After the umpteenth scarf tidying this past Sunday I decided to stop the madness and find a better storage solution.

Like most city dwellers on a budget, I have a tiny apartment with a tiny bedroom and a tiny closet. Think Carrie's closet pre-renovation in the Sex and the City movie. It might even be smaller than that. So I need to be thoughtful about my storage options in a closet that is already packed to the gills. I did some googling earlier this week and found the easiest, cheapest no brainer scarf storage solution.

Obviously I already had a coat hanger so I had to spend all of $3.19 on the shower curtain rings to make this happen. Now, prepare yourselves for the two very important steps necessary to complete this project. 1. Attach the rings to the coat hanger.

2. Thread your scarves through the rings.


I slayed the scarf monster. It's more like a scarf jellyfish now but it will live a happy life in the ocean of my closet.

I can't believe it never occurred to me do do something like this before. Even though it was a very small project, it will make a big difference in my psyche because the scarf aggravation has been lifted.

It seems happy there amongst the other garments and that tiny corner of my bedroom is happy too. It's remarkable what a little organization can do! I refuse to call this spring cleaning because spring is NOWHERE to be found in Boston yet so I'll call it "it's still frigging snowing and freezing cold out cleaning." And I promise that won't buy another scarf for a while. Maybe. Probably not.

Ladies, how do you store your scarves? Do you buy a million of them? Or do you hoard something else? 


  1. I actually store my scarves this same way! (I am also afflicted with a scarf-accumulation sickness haha)


  2. This is brilliant. I would have never thought of it, and it saves so much room and makes it easy to see all of the scarves.

  3. Thanks for sharing this technique! I have been searching for the best way to store my scarves but this is just brilliant.