Monday, February 4, 2013

February Life Happenings

Clockwise: Cranberry lemon poppy seed muffins (I will blog these soon); cute new loafers from Gap that I bought during fake Spring; a 16 Handles cup of deliciousness; a lovely sunny day in Brookline.

Not much. We're at that point of winter, aren't we? I am off to Buffalo (my home town) over President's Day weekend and I'm looking forward to that. I scored tickets to take my dad to a Sabres v. Bruins hockey game while there. Sorry, Bruins, but I will be behind the Sabres this time. I do like you, though. I'll also be there for my oldest friend's first baby shower. I can't wait to buy the new little guy an adorable outfit he'll only fit into for a few weeks :)


I've read some great books recently. Grace Coddington's memoir Grace is a fascinating look into all aspects of the fashion world. With close to fifty years in the business, she's the current creative director for Vogue, there's nothing she hasn't seen or done. She is charming and funny and blunt and a really special person. Where'd You Go, Bernadette? by Maria Semple is one of my favorite recent reads. It's laugh out loud funny and makes fun of modern life in a smart way. You'll also learn more about Antarctica and architecture than you ever thought possible. That sounds like a weird combination, but trust me. I highly recommend it. I just started The Night Circus after having it recommended to me by more than one friend.

Relieved About...

Nothing, unfortunately. I have some stressors that aren't really doing me any good, but I'm working hard on fixing them!


Downton Abbey. Need I say more? It's been so good this season! *Spoiler Alert* I tried so hard to stay spoiler free, but since I visit The Daily Mail multiple times a day I knew that was going to be hard. I knew that Sybil died, but I didn't know how it happened. That was excruciating! I think I've watched it three or four times and it's just as bad as the first time. Ugh. Damn you, actors for wanting to leave the show! I also know the other major end of season spoiler, but I don't know how it happens. What I do know is that I'm very mad at Lord Grantham for the time being. 

Working On...

I'm working on making my life better. I don't mean for that to sound dramatic, but the changes I'm working on will make me a lot happier! I just need them to actually happen. I just have to be vague about it for very good reasons.


Ice cream! Even though it's the dead of winter I'd still eat it every day if that wasn't a terrible idea. I went the entire month of January, with a few little exceptions, without eating sweets. I always tend to go a little overboard during the holidays so it was very needed! Good thing my neighborhood is now the proud owner of a 16 Handles franchise.

If you're in a winter climate I hope you're coping! The groundhog did say we'll have an early spring this year so let's hope he's right! 


  1. OOooooo I'm in the middle of two books but as soon as I finish them, Grace is getting my full attention [I bought it this weekend]. Also, I die doe Downton. OMGGGGGGG. That's all.
    Cheers, lovely!

    1. I am completely consumed by Downton Abbey. It's worrying!